Why You Need ATV Insurance
3 May, 2021
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Why You Need ATV Insurance

Vehicles vary wildly. From lifted pick-up trucks to svelte sports cars, there’s as much range in cars as there is in humans. Also, just about everyone who can afford it knows that for these large rapidly moving vehicles, insurance is a must. Humans just aren’t developed to grasp the ramifications of moving around in a speeding block of metal, and accidents will inadvertently happen. That’s why you need protection.

However, where the topic gets muddier for some people is when it comes to offroad and unconventional vehicles like ATVs. It seems like since you’re likely to use it less often and since you’re going to drive around in less crowded spaces, you’re not as likely to get into a collision.

However, this can be a massive mistake. While you may think it’s not necessary, the truth of the matter is that it’s absolutely critical for your safety, your health, and your family. Aside from the legal requirements, it’s just a matter of protecting your finances and assets. Here’s why you need ATV insurance.

Accident Benefits

The biggest reason you need ATV insurance is in the case of accidents. Even if you’re not out on the open road, you’re still speeding along through trails and heavily wooded areas. Accidents can happen, and injuries following an ATV accident can be tremendous.

If you damage someone’s property, like breaking a fence, you are fully on the hook for paying it off. Even more critically, if a passenger (such as a friend) falls off the ATV and gets injured, you will be completely liable for any damages and fees you have to pay them. If you find yourself caught in one of these bad situations, you’ll be kicking yourself over how much you may end up paying, a risk that can be entirely ameliorated by having the right ATV coverage.

Even if you’re not wealthy and think that you don’t have the assets to lose to cover these accidents, you still won’t be in the clear. Courts will do whatever it takes to get payments from you for as long as it takes. Getting off the hook won’t be easy, so why not just avoid this life-ruining scenario entirely?

The fact is that by putting in the time and effort to get an effective insurance strategy, you can greatly minimize your long-term costs, and ensure that you’re able to enjoy riding your ATV throughout the year and for a long time to come.


Another important aspect to consider is the fact that your ATV is an investment that you’ve likely put a decent sum into. For most people, it’s not a light purchase that can be easily replaced. For example, if you end up wrecking or damaging the vehicle to the point where you need extensive repairs or even a complete replacement, you’ll need to fork up quite a bit of dough to restore things to how they were.

If you don’t have this cash on hand, and you’re not able to repair or buy another ATV, then you’ll either have to kiss your freewheeling days goodbye, or spend however long scrimping and saving to get another one. Sure, the premiums may be a little dent in your finances, but the potential future savings they can provide will pay for themselves many times over.

As well, it might not even be your fault! For instance, if your ATV gets stolen, or if a random act of nature ends up destroying it, you’ll still need to find your own financial support if you don’t have the full coverage that ATV insurance can offer. Even something as minor as petty vandalism can cost you thousands.

You’re not likely to want to drive around on a messed-up vehicle physically or visually, and that’s where insurance can kick in. If you’re properly covered, you’ll be able to laugh off all manner of damage, safe in the knowledge that you can get it fixed quickly and get right back on the road. After all, isn’t that what we all want?

It’s Easy

The best part of this is that it’s not even a difficult process. Insurance providers have honed down their processes and custom coverage for ATVs to the point where you can rapidly go through the quote and coverage process.

It’s not a long and drawn-out affair. It can be as easy as talking to an insurance advisor and signing a few papers. With all the other reasons you could use this insurance, this convenience is just the icing on the cake.

When ATV Insurance Is Required

There are many times when ATV insurance is not an optional choice. If you’ve taken out a loan on your ATV, for instance, you will likely need full coverage insurance to protect the vehicle that you’re currently borrowing, protecting the loan company’s investment. After all, if you total the ATV and default on the loan, they will be left in limbo and unable to collect.

There are also laws around ATV insurance. In Ontario, specifically, you’ll find that the law requires coverage under the Highway Traffic Act, which in this province means you need an automobile insurance policy the moment you leave private property. Without this, you can’t drive anywhere except on your own property. So, aside from all the other reasons you need this coverage, the law more or less mandates it.

Looking for ATV Insurance? Contact W.B. White

ATVs are a lot of fun to the point where they don’t really feel like any other vehicle out there. Just because they’re fun and different, though, doesn’t mean that your legal and insurance requirements are any different.

You do not want to end up in a situation where you find yourself on the hook for expenses you can’t afford. If you’re lucky, it’ll only be something like replacing the ATV itself, which won’t irreparably harm you. However, if your accident involves others around you, from their property to their bodies, you can find yourself locked down for massive payments and liability that can be life-ruining. Avoid the stress, avoid the pain — get ATV insurance.

If you’re interested in Oshawa ATV insurance, call us at 1-877-727-0757 or reach out via our convenient web page right here.

Amanda began her insurance career in 2000. As a Chartered Insurance Professional (C.I.P.), Amanda is passionate about continued education for insurance professionals. Amanda teaches the Insurance Broker Licensing program through Durham College, and speaks about insurance related topics at B2B events.

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