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Hospitality / Bars and Restaurants Insurance

Whether you operate a motel, a bed and breakfast, a coffee shop, a sports bar, a restaurant or another other type of hospitality establishment, you need to safeguard your interests and your investment with the right insurance coverage. And the right coverage is hospitality insurance.

Plenty of things can potentially go wrong in any business that involves providing services, and you do not want to be left unprepared in the event that there is a problem that leads to a lawsuit or perhaps a temporary closure. Hospitality insurance will help you to deal with any setbacks.

Your hospitality establishment is obviously important to you, your workers and your family. Because of all of the things that can go very wrong even when you do the right things, you need hospitality insurance.

At W.B. White Insurance, we understand the importance of protecting your business interests, and the insurers we work with offer a wide range of options for bar and restaurant insurance that will specifically meet the needs of your hospitality business. For example, you can get coverage for the following:

  • Crime – whether perpetrated by patrons, the public or employees
  • Loss of income stemming from temporary shutdown should there be a health concern
  • Personal property of workers and patrons
  • Umbrella liability coverage
  • Equipment failure protection
  • General liability coverage in the event of issues such as misleading advertising

When you let us do the work as a broker by finding you the right hospitality insurance agency, you can concentrate on growing your business in the cut-throat hospitality industry while we help you take care of the important bar and restaurant insurance matters. A hospitality insurance agency will help you to navigate the process and find the right bar and restaurant insurance.

While there are always risks that could play out, the right hospitality insurance coverage will enable you to sustainably grow your business. Without hospitality insurance, however, you could find yourself facing huge legal bills and large settlement obligations that might threaten your ability to sustain your business. You can save yourself the hassle of shouldering sky high expenses and instead focus on running your company.

In order to get the coverage you need from a hospitality insurance agent, you need to work with a broker who has specific hospitality industry expertise. Such a broker will be able to consider all the risks you face and then recommend cost-effective strategies to mitigate risks. For more information, contact W. B. White Insurance today.

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