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Many home-based business owners and start up business owners are under the impression that insurance is not necessary for them. At W.B. White Insurance, however, we understand the importance and necessity of protecting your business regardless of its its size, location or its length of operation. All businesses have risks, which means that home business insurance and startup business insurance are absolutely crucial in providing you with a comfortable safety net.

When it comes to home business insurance, many mistakenly believe that their home insurance will cover them in the event of losses. In fact, liability is one of the greatest risks to home-based businesses. Risk management is not only for large businesses – it also is for home-based businesses and startups. In the event that your business faces a lawsuit, it would be unequipped to handle the legal fees, likely putting you out of business altogether. This is precisely why a home business insurance policy is necessary. Further, home business insurance also covers the things that you need to run your business, from desktop computers and laptops to items that you stock and even furniture. The single most important step you can take today to protect your investment is to get a home business insurance policy.

In short, home business insurance covers business property, which includes everything from inventory to your computers. It also includes business interruption coverage which will protect you in the event your business experiences costly downtown due to a natural disaster, for example. Lastly, your home business insurance policy will also cover liability. If a delivery person falls while on your property, you could be setting yourself up for a costly lawsuit. Start up businesses face these same kinds of risks, which is exactly why they need to consider startup business insurance to protect them.

Why Choose W.B White Insurance?

Our team of professionals at W.B. White Insurance understand the importance of affordable insurance, whether it’s home business insurance or start up business insurance. That’s why we are able to offer you the most competitive rates with our contacts and connections to many other insurance companies. Our insurance brokers’ priority is ensuring that you get exactly what you want while also making sure that you aren’t missing out on coverage that would be beneficial. This ultimately means tailoring your home business insurance policy. Each policy comes with a dedicated Account Manager, which means that you will get to speak to the same person every time you need to call us. With our home business insurance policy and startup insurance, we can offer you

  • Affordable, competitive rates
  • Extensive coverage – only what you need
  • Efficient customer service – no hassles
  • Fast processing of home insurance claims
  • Discounts

W.B. White Insurance has been in the insurance business for over 50 years, establishing ourselves as the leader of insurance in the Durham region in that time. We are proud to say that we were awarded with the Award of Excellence as the Ontario Brokerage of the Year in 2013.

To get a quote today, contact one of our insurance professionals at either our Oshawa office (905-576-6400) or our Lindsay office (705-340-5400).

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At W.B. White Insurance, we offer a wide range of options for industrial insurance. Whether you require industrial insurance in the construction, concrete or contractor spaces, we can help you to get the right industrial insurance to meet your unique needs. Teaming up with the most reputable insurers in the marketplace means that we will be able to get your coverage from an industrial insurance agency that understands your business and your needs.

The sorts of industries that we can help include, but are not limited to, the following:

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