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About Our Claims Service

Our experience within the insurance industry means we’re able to respond effectively to all claims from our customers. Our streamlined claims process ensures that you’re no more than one call away from a specialist who can help you in addressing your claim. Our trusted team at W.B. White Insurance recognizes the challenges you face when you have a claim to make, and we’ve considered all elements within these challenges to help make the process as simple and effective as possible. It’s how we make sure you achieve value for money from your policies.

You’ll have access to the following throughout the claims process:

An Account Manager

When working with you on your insurance claim, your Account Manager will help navigate all elements of the process with you directly. Our Account Managers each have decades of market experience to their name and this means they can help address any questions you might have on the claims process. Their experience also means our Account Managers can quickly get you started on the paperwork required during the claims process and prevent you from making any mistakes along the way. Supporting you with an Account Manager during the claim can help ensure the shortest possible time between the claim being made with your insurance firm and a payout being given to you.

Quick access to your insurance firm

Working with WB. White Insurance will ensure you’re able to directly connect with your claim insurance company when you’re making a claim. We can coordinate the entire process through our expert team members. This means that, when you have a question about your claim insurance, we can work with your insurance company to analyze the details and provide you with clear guidance. We can also provide you with 24/7 access to your insurance company’s claims center. This means you’ll never have to wait to file a claim or find out more information on the current position of your claim within the system!

At W.B. White Insurance, we’re here to respond to all claims with expert guidance and immediate, experienced-based action. Call us now to learn more about our claim insurance process.

  • Take the fear out of filing a claim
  • 24 help
  • Claimed guarantee
  • Talk to you about coverages so you know what to expect
  • We are here to make sure that the insurance company keep their commitment to our clients



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