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Does the colour of my car matter?

As far as your insurance company is concerned, no. The paint colour of your vehicle is not a question that is asked on an automobile insurance application

Can I lend my car to anyone?

If you are a registered owner of a car, you are legally responsible for any injury or damage caused by your vehicle. Anyone operating your vehicle must have a valid driver’s license and a legal capacity to operate the vehicle. There is a saying “If you lend your car, you lend your insurance”. If a guest has an accident while driving your vehicle, your car insurance will typically respond. It is always a good idea to discuss with your Broker before lending your car.

How are car insurance rates set?

Dozens of variables will be considered by your auto insurance company to calculate your individualized premium. Your age, the type of vehicle you drive, your years licensed and insured, claims history, conviction history, where you live, and the use of your vehicle are all examples of factors your auto insurance company will consider. Your Broker will ask you a variety of questions so that they can obtain the best car insurance rate based on your individual profile.

Are contents stolen from my car covered under my home insurance?

If the property is not physically attached to the car, the car insurance will not cover personal or business property stolen from your vehicle. You will need to speak to your Broker about filing a claim under your home insurance or business insurance policy. If you have contents normally stored in your vehicle, it is important to advise your Broker. You may need to purchase additional protection.

I bought another car. How do I add it to my insurance?

Your Broker will need to talk to you about the insurance coverage. With a change in vehicle, you may need a change in your current insurance coverage, so contact our office as soon as you are able. The registered owner and the policy holder must be the same in order to add the car to your current policy. Your Broker will require a copy of the vehicle ownership, to confirm the vehicle is registered in the same name as the policy holder.

What does No Fault Insurance mean?

The term “No Fault Insurance” is commonly misused. The simple explanation is that regardless or who caused the accident (or who is at fault), each driver involved in the claim will report it through their own insurance company. An Ontario automobile insurance policy holder will be working with a claims adjuster from their own insurance company to adjust their claim.

What is a deductible?

Your deductible is the portion of a loss that you are required to pay. Opting for a higher deductibles means you’ll contribute more toward the claim, but it can also mean a lower insurance premium.

Can I pay my insurance on a monthly pay plan?

A variety of flexible payment plans are available through our insurance partners. If you have maintained a good payment history with your previous insurance company, you will likely qualify for a monthly payment plan.

Do I have to pay two months of insurance premium upfront?

Yes, depending on the insurance company you choose. Some companies may require the equivalent of two months insurance premium be paid when a new policy is issued. They do this so that your insurance premiums are always paid one month ahead.

Why do I need to discuss a change with a Broker?

Your Broker is a licensed insurance professional by the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (R.I.B.O.). Changes to your insurance cannot be bound through email, voicemail, of fax alone. For your protection, coverage is only bound once your change has been confirmed by a licensed Broker of W.B. White Insurance.

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